Our mission is to

connect the power of business

with the deep assets of
women’s funds and organisations

We catalyse a transformative, cross-sectoral approach to sustained women’s economic resilience. Win-Win Strategies works to foster collaborations between women’s fund/rights organisations and companies so they can jointly work to advance women’s economic resilience.

Our story is
grounded in collaboration

In light of growing cross-sectoral interest to support women’s and girls’ empowerment, a group of stakeholders met in Amsterdam in January 2015 to discuss new strategies for collaboration. Recognizing the need to create new spaces for:

  • Collaborative learning and knowledge production
  • Development of cross-sector long-standing relationships
  • Mobilization of resources – not only among companies, corporate foundations, women’s funds and grassroots women’s organisations, but also with INGOs, fund advisors, private foundations and the public sector. This work was initiated at the beginning by the Win-Win Coalition.

One year later, Win-Win Strategies launched to expand, enhance, and operationalise the work of the WWC, a network that had grown to include 30 companies, foundations, women’s funds and organisations, and individual “bridge-builders” dedicated to creating collaboration and action to empower women globally.

Following a successful two years, Win-Win Strategies merged with Women Win as a means of leveraging operational efficiencies, expanding resources, and contributing to greater progress toward empowering women and girls around the world.

Today, Win-Win Strategies continues its work with companies, women’s funds and organisations, and others to strengthen investment in women’s economic rights and resilience, partner more effectively, and work towards a future where every girl and woman exercises her rights.

Win-Win Strategies combines innovation with action

to advance women’s economic rights

Win-Win Strategies works is deeply rooted in collaboration and respect for the expertise of women’s funds and women’s rights organisations around the world. Based on that, we structure our activities in five pillars:

Win-Win Strategies plans to leverage cross-sector partnerships to advance women’s economic empowerment in East Africa. Read more.

With support from The Netherlands, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the programme seeks to build economic empowerment and resilience for women working in global supply chains. Read more.

Win-Win Strategies and Primark’s strategic partnership addresses women workers’ rights and life-skills education in global supply chains. Read more.

The Personal Advancement & Career Enhancement (P.A.C.E.) Programme supports adolescent girls and young women with education and life skills training. Read more.

Economic resilience means ensuring that women and girls have the power to make economic decisions and enjoying the same economic resources as men. Read more.

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